Restore your building with an interior remodeling project in Grand Prairie, TX

As roofers, we often see roof leaks damage the interiors our clients' homes and offices. If this has happened to your building, Celtic Roofing, LLC can repair the damage while we repair your roof. We can provide interior remodeling services in addition to your roofing services in Grand Prairie, TX.

Count on us to:

  • Repair your ceiling
  • Restore your wall
  • Refresh your paint
Your building will look as if the leak never happened with new coats of paint and restored walls and ceilings. Schedule our interior remodeling services when you reach out for roof repair services.

Don't wait to restore your building's interior

You might see only minor damage now, but moisture damage can worsen with time. If you put off repairs, you could end up needing a more extensive - and expensive - wall or ceiling repair. Reach out to us for damage-stopping, cost-saving wall or ceiling repair services now.