Our team in Grand Prairie, TX will help you manage roof insurance claims & inspections

Dealing with the aftermath of storm damage is stressful enough for any homeowner or business owner. You shouldn't have to deal with insurance claims and other difficulties afterwards. Celtic Roofing, LLC can assist you with insurance claims in Grand Prairie, TX.

We'll start by giving you one of our free roofing inspections. Then, we can do whatever's necessary to fix your roof, like:

  • Repairing your damaged roof
  • Removing and replacing your roof
  • Repairing or replacing your gutters, fascia or soffits
You can trust us to completely restore your roof. To begin your restoration project, call 469-332-3300 right away and ask about scheduling free roofing inspections.

We'll simplify your insurance claim process

We'll work directly with your insurance adjuster while you get back to your routine. You can trust us to handle it smoothly with more than five years of experience. Hire our company and get peace of mind about your insurance claim today.